10. inchid ochii si imi imaginez

Am aflat de la Emil Cioran: „Barbatii care iubesc cu adevarat, cu o pasiune puternica, nu pot iubi in acelasi timp mai multe femei, ci numai una.”

Inchid ochii si imi imaginez ca sunt The Only One.

Despre indiferent

I am "indiferent", but not indifferent ...
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6 răspunsuri la 10. inchid ochii si imi imaginez

  1. I believe in this statement.

  2. Amir zice:

    A republicat asta pe Notes și a comentat:
    Emil Cioran was wrong since he may talk only about himself, but never on behalf of a whole gender. Men come in all shapes, sizes, brains and what not. We, the men, are male human specie just like any other animal out there. Have you seen one lion with many lionesses, one rooster with many hen and the list from the animal kingdom goes on and on. Its only humans who have not only confused the animal instinct in them as something evil but also they live and believe in so many unnatural things about themselves.

    • indiferent zice:

      Dear reader, that’s why thinking in another language is so different to understand people. If you’re a romanian you understand this article. It’s just a joke 😊 We, people, men and women are all interesting, beautiful, with instinct, with differences. Welcome to my blog 😊 If my English and think in English is not for your understanding I’m sorry 😐

      • Amir zice:

        Aaah… so it was sarcastic! Now I get it. Thanks for your elaboration. I use Google to translate your Romanian into English. I’m new reader on your blog and hope to find more interesting things to read, especially your outlook about love between a man and a woman. Have you written elsewhere about it?

  3. indiferent zice:

    Okay, I’m glad because you understood 😊 Welcome! Yes, I wrote many articles about it. I have been writing about life, love, differences, about same dreams and same goals, etc … for over 13 years. Discover from the archives! Welcome in my world!

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